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Be a good role model – get off your phone!

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Kids copy their parents. If you’re constantly checking your phone, what are they learning?

It’s actually relatively confronting to know how much you’re using your phone. I wouldn’t call myself a heavy user, but my average is 69 checks of my device a day… 69!!!

Screenshot of “App Usage” for Android

And what about time spent on my phone?

App Usage showing how much time I’m on my phone each day.

Average of over 2 hours per day spent on my phone. Hard to comprehend really.

What am I doing on my phone?

Screenshot of the apps I’m using on my phone

As you can see, it’s pretty each to accumulate 1hr 39 mins on your phone.

What does this have to do with my kids?

We all know that kids are sponges and copy what their role models do – and that’s you!

I’m not suggesting that you completely remove phones from your life, and I’m assuming (hoping?) that most of the usage occurs either at work or whilst the children aren’t around.

However I do sometimes find myself responding to a text message whilst making the kids breakfast and you sometimes miss things.

How am I going to have a conversation with them about phone usage if I’m exhibiting seemingly always attached to my own?

How to monitor your own phone usage

Android – install App Usage

iPhone – Settings app > Battery. In the Battery Usage section, you will notice the percentage of battery that was consumed by each app over the last 24 hours and the last 7 days. And when you tap on any of the apps or the clock icon in that area, you will notice that the Battery Usage section will show the amount of time spent on each app instead of the percentage consumed. The apps will still be sorted by the highest percentage of battery consumption even if you change the viewing mode to how much time was spent using them.

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Desired Outcome

Get a feeling for how much you’re on your phone and start reducing. Set a great example for your kids. Got a few moments spare that you’d normally check your phone? Hug your kid! Train your body to get a dopermine hit from that. Not sure how to break a habit? Check this out

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