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Securing devices that go outside the home (i.e. away from your KoalaSafe network)

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Curbi has three parts to it:
  1. The Curbi server (in the cloud) which your device connects to in order to get internet
  2. Parent app
  3. Child device app
If you use Curbi and KoalaSafe, Curbi is clever enough to know when it’s back in range of a KoalaSafe so it can take over. Why would you have both Curbi and KoalaSafe? KoalaSafe is your home network, and because it can connect devices that wouldn’t leave home (such as a game console and smart TV), it provides the easiest coverage. Curbi is good if your kids have their own devices that need to be always managed. If your kids don’t have their own devices and they will use your device when out of the house, then see “Setting up your device for occasional kid access

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