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No home phone? No worries!

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A lot of households these days don’t have a home phone – what happens if the kids need to make an emergency call if you’re injured?

Buy a second hand or refurbished phone from a store. Check out Luvyourphone – you can get an old iPhone or Samsung/Sony for under $100.

Get an Amaysim $10 “As you go” sim. This gives you $10 credit that lasts for 365 days. So if you don’t use it beyond a few calls, it’ll cost $10/yr.

Data? Don’t worry about it. This is your home phone, so hook it up to your WiFi. Use a program like WhatsApp (which supports chat, video and voice) and add in key contacts.

Desired Outcome

Your kids can contact emergency services and/or you when they need to.

I’m not encouraging you to leave your kids at home – there’s no law preventing you from doing so – however you are of course responsible for your children’s wellbeing. There is a difference between leaving kids home alone whilst you go and grab some milk, versus going off to work for the whole day.

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