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The Easy Stuff (tech-wizardry)

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The easy stuff – the technical stuff. Work your way through this checklist at your own pace. You probably won’t be able to do all of this in one hit!

This guide is written for parents who don’t know where to start. No doubt some more technically minded readers will have different products or services that could do a similar job. The goal of this whole website is to put in place some sort of strategy, in a world where something is better than nothing.

And don’t forget that even the research is now strongly showing that the emphasis should not be on just simply limiting screen time. Oxford Internet Institute and Cardiff University collaborated to understand whether these proposed restrictions are effective. They interviewed nearly 20,000 parents of 2-5 year olds and concluded that there is “no consistent correlation” between limiting screen time and a child’s well-being.

The authors encourage parents to guide their children’s screen time instead of limiting it.

Lead author Dr Andrew Pryzbylski, of the Oxford Internet Institute, said: “…our findings suggest the broader family context, how parents set rules about digital screen time, and if they’re actively engaged in exploring the digital world together, are more important than the raw screen time.”

You can read an entire paper (for purchase only) here.

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