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Remembering Passwords

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Remembering passwords is HARD! In fact, remembering stuff is hard in general… and there’s actually a curve to describe it: The Forgetting Curve (see below). 20 minutes after learning something you’ll only be able to recall 60%. After 9 hours it’s less than 40%… what hope have you got remembering unique and awesome passwords for all of your online accounts?

Password Managers

Whilst there are a lot of Password Managers out there, I think that LastPass is the best balanced. It can be a little clunky and Dashlane is also worth considering. Check out this comparison:,review-3785.html

How do Password Managers work?

Think of it like a safebox for all of your passwords. The safebox is protected by a few locks, where only you have the keys. So definitely don’t make your password bad for your password manager! In fact, think about putting in place Two-Factor authentication on top – that means someone would need to steal your username/password AND your phone to get access to your passwords. And the great thing it, Password Managers have computer and phone apps so you’ll have your passwords within reach all of the time.
Why can’t I use the same password for all my accounts?

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